We are a young church that is excited to begin the process of launching out our first campus in Bradenton Florida. Come check us out  and consider being a part of our family. 


2507 53rd ave E.

Bradenton, FL 34208



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The Team

Pastor Anthony Drake 

Lead Pastor


Anthony Drake is a licensed pastor through the assemblies of God, who graduated from Southeastern University after following his passion from NY to Florida. After planting Revelation Church in Bradenton, September 2017, lives are already beginning to be affected. While the church is smaller right now, its a matter of time before things begin to change and grow. With a passion for teaching and preaching its clear how he has been influenced by pastors such as Steven Furtick and TD Jake. His ability to reach and speak into different generations as well as ethnicity's makes Pastor Anthony Dynamic and interesting to watch. He challenges those that hear his message to grow both emotionally and spiritually. 

Worship Director Melinda Drake 

Worship Pastor


Melinda Drake is bringing a new sound to the worship of God. She has been leading worship since her teenage years and leads the worship team with the power and grace of the Holy Spirit. Dynamic and powerful worship are only a few words to describe the experience that she leads the congregation into on a weekly basis. If you are musically talented and looking to get involved, auditions are held as needed. If worship is vital to your encounter with God than look no further. Pastor Melinda has clearly been influenced by her eclectic background and passion for music ministry. No service is the same as she incorporates different songs and Genres by adding her own flavor to the mix.